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Scott Hahn explains Papal Infallibility, via YouTube. Dearest pinners - take the time to deepen your education in our breathtaking faith!

1870 – The First Vatican Council decrees the dogma of papal infallibility. | ... of Papal Infallibility is Approved by the First Vatican Council

infallibility was dogmatically defined by the First Vatican Council


How to Explain Papal Infallibility in Two Minutes


Refuting Papal Myths - "The Papacy is Unbiblical and Unhistorical" | Catholic Answers

What Do The Roman Catholics Believe part 04 Papal Infallibility - Ministry Videos

Fr. Barron on Papal Infallibility, via YouTube.

22 September 1871 > Johann von Döllinger Meets With German Catholics Opposed to Papal Infallibility