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A British M3 Grant tank next to a knocked out a German Panzerkampfwagen I light tank on 6 June 1942 in North Africa. #worldwar2 #tanks


Panzers of the 2nd, 10th and 12th SS.Divisions at Quai Jean de Bethencourt, Rouen, France. 25/8/44. (The next day US B-25s and RAF Havocs. bombed the dockside.)


Cromwell A-27M Infantry Tank

An early Cromwell A-27M Infantry Tank on gunnery trials in England. See more tank pictures. ©2007 Publications International, Ltd.


German Tank destroyer Sturmgeschütz III (StuG.III). Assault guns are replenishing ammunition during battles on the Mius River. The Mius-Front was a heavily fortified defensive line created by the Germans in October 1941 under direction of General Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist along the Mius River during World War II. Soviet troops twice tried to break through this line. The soviets finally succeeded in August 1943 when troops of the Southern Front broke through the German lines.