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Often reputed to be Scharnhorst, this is actually Gneisenau: after reconstruction with raked 'Atlantic' bows and funnel caps (as here), Scharnhorst's mainmast was shipped further aft, whilst Gneisenau's remained adjacent to her funnel. Critically damaged by the RAF after the 1942 'Channel Dash', she never went to sea again.


Panzer 58 (Pz 58) Switzerland turned to an indigenous tank design in 1958, when her western allies were committing their resources to the Korean War. It used a conventional design and was intended to counter Soviet T-54 MBTs. The line was developed through the Pz 61, but Switzerland has since replaced them with German made Leopard IIs.

A pair of prototype Panzer 58 tanks with their crew and munitions.

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America's TANK farm: One man's astonishing collection of 100 military vehicles and 9/11 artifacts – including burned-out fire truck whose occupants all perished – which is only open to the public once a year

America's TANK farm: One man's astonishing collection of 100 military vehicles…

King Tiger tank number 222 of the schwere SS Panzer Abteilung 501, Stavelot. Stavelot is a small city in a valley that is crossed by the "sambre" river. it was a crucial objective for the entire northern arm of the German offensive. The Stavelot Battle is little known, but you see how important it was. if not the most important and decisive event during the Ardennes Offensive


Vietnam War 1967 - Marines unloading gun during operation Deckhouse - Photo by…


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Full-scale replica of the Imperial Japanese Navy battleship Nagato built from the original plans for the 1970 movie Tora! Tora! Tora!


Panzer 58 Production vehicle