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The vibranium soles on Black Panther's suit allows for soundless movement they let him walk on water and run up walls.

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Being black and bulletproof is handy.

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Black Panther is one of the coolest underrated characters in all of Marvel. King T'Challa is a beast.

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Ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) is found from northern Argentina to eastern Mexico. Photo taken at the Panther Ridge Conservation Center in Wellington, Florida. -kc

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NUTMEG THE CAT, 31-YEARS OLD CAT: The World Oldest Living cat

Those eyes beautiful black panther. Fun fact: Black panthers can adapt to any climatic condition and survive both cold and warm environment. This is the reason why they have been able to survive even after the endangerment of their habitats by rapid deforestation and extreme hunting.

A rare and very valuable pink diamond from Australia:

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