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Clinker Truffles

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Sago palm aren't ever touched by deer. They are evergreen in the south, will come back after freezing if the roots don't freeze. They 'make babies' you split off with a shovel and replant. GREAT plant!

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How to Dig Up a Sago Palm

Not a true palm, the sago palm (Cycas revoluta) hails from Japan produces frond-like leaves. This evergreen grows in Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 10. A poisonous plant, ...

How to Kill a Palm Tree Stump

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Growing up!

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Palm Tree Puncture Wound Treatment

Palm trees can be dangerous if you touch them in the wrong spot. Sharp thorns on their branches, trunks and the undersides or tips of fronds can puncture the skin and cause bacterial or fungal ...