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We don't need Palm Oil in our lives but the animals need their home. We do not use Palm Oil in any of our products, keep it natural, keep it clean, live with the environment not against it.


Palm oil - Cheap, renewable, the cost? Just the extinction of entire species of animals. Remember, this could be us someday...

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World Orangutan Day

Palm Oil - Note that all these foods are processed foods, that uses this oil, which is destroying rain forests, killing thousands of animals and valuable plants for medicines. Creating climate change.


Shopping for #Halloween candy? Don't make trick-or-treating a trick for orangutans. Choose only products made with certified sustainable palm oil!


Avoid products containing palm oil. The loss of habitat is tragic & the blood of the decimated wildlife is certainly staining the hands of those using products laced with Palm Oil. Many are probably in your pantry right now!