Paleo sauces

Learn how to make delicious Vegan Caramel Sauce with coconut milk. This awesome recipe is not only dairy free but also uses no refined sugar so it is clean eating and paleo friendly.

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The sauce is the boss! And, a good paleo sauce can make a great meal . Whether you’re basting, simmering, marinating, dipping, or smothering, we have a great sauce for you! If you’ve recently switched over to a paleo lifestyle, you know that finding good substitutes for the meals you used to eat can be …

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Makes 4-8 Servings, depending on how generous you are with yourself ;) Ingredients 1 cup unsweetened Coconut Milk 2 Tbsp “Paleo-Approved” Mayo (Homemade preferably) Juice of 3-4 …

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South Carolina-Style Mustard Barbecue Sauce - Make this mustard-based BBQ sauce reigning from South Carolina -- it exudes flavors of tang, sweetness and bite!

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Chicken in Coconut Mango Verde Sauce - my family LOVES this 30 minute meal and I seriously dream about the incredible creamy sauce!

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Paleo meals to getting a little ho-hum? Add some pizazz to your meals with these 5 super-simple, low-carb Paleo Sauces.

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