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If Paleo or Whole30 has you missing crispy fried chicken, this is the best oven fried chicken recipe I have found. It is gluten and dairy-free and amazing!

Amazing Paleo Fried Chicken using plantain chips as a crust! This fried chicken is crunchy and slightly salty! Definitely as close to southern fried chicken as it gets!


The Best Damn Gluten Free & Paleo Fried Chicken


Baked Dumpling Rolls w/ Ginger Chilli Sauce

Baked Dumpling Rolls are a fusion of dumplings and spring rolls, together they make a crispy, meaty, bite sized morsel. They are naturally gluten-free and since they are baked they are healthier than normal deep fried rolls. They make a great starter, snack or light lunch or dinner. Click through to get the recipe.


Gluten Free Fried Chicken KFC-Style

Missing that extra-special blend of 11 herbs and spices in KFC chicken now that you're gluten free? This gluten free fried chicken will be a welcome addition to your family traditions!


Paleo Chick-fil-A

Paleo Chick-fil-A Recipe is grain-free, gluten-free and Whole30-friendly...tastes just like the real thing, but healthier! |


Paleo Fried Chicken Biscuits


I have been wanting to try this recipe ever since I started eating Paleo-style. I don't know why it took me so long to get around to it, but MAN, have I been missing out! Paleo Comfort Foods is one of my top two favorite Paleo cookbooks. And when I think of comfort foods, I think about fried