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Each painter has slightly different methods and preferences, but the pros all know the trade secrets.
from Popular Mechanics

13 Painting Secrets the Pros Won't Tell You


I have a big 22 inch metal paint guard that I use when painting baseboard. IT'S A LIFE SAVER! I just run some tape along the carpet that's next to the baseboard (to keep the fibers down) and then use the guard above the baseboard on the wall, to protect the wall while I paint along the baseboard. It saves me tons of time, because I don't have to tape off twice... just once on the carpet.

from DIY House Hacks - One Crazy House

17 Painting Tricks That Make Painting Easier

from The Family Handyman

The Best Tips for Cutting in Paint

Where beginners run into trouble is cutting in along ceilings, moldings and other areas that require a perfectly straight line of paint. We'll give you some tips and pointers to help you increase the speed and improve the accuracy of your cutting-in technique.

from Simply Designing with Ashley

Tips to Quickly Paint a Room

Painting (or repainting) a room can be tedious and time consuming work. So today I am sharing my best Tips to Quickly Paint a Room! You don't want to miss this.

from Craving some Creativity

Repairing and Caulking Baseboards like a Pro

Crisp baseboards and molding make a wall paint shine. Repairing and caulking baseboards doesn't have to be scary with these pro tips!

from The Bold Abode

How to Prep a Room for Paint like a Pro!

Tip #4: SWIFFER DUST ALL OF YOUR WALLS. {from 7 Things You Need to Do Before You Ever Pick Up a Paintbrush! {or how to prep a room for paint like a pro}