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I am so doing this ----painted plywood floors as a low budget temporary solution after getting rid of ugly carpet - need to tell my sister Shari about this one!


Fake plank plywood flooring (without cutting all the way through). Have always wanted to DO this! Why hide plywood as underlay only?


colorful painted subfloor, she goes through the step by step process of how she did it. home DIY, painting, painted floor, painting process, home remodeling


Amazing Painted Plywood Subfloor: A How To

Painted plywood subfloor. Tired of your dingy old carpet ? This is a super cheap way to get amazingly beautiful floors when you don't have the money for hardwoods or tile.


Remodeling 101: Painted Plywood—The Best Budget Wood Floor

The natural instinct when remodeling a house with wall-to-wall carpet is to take it up, right? You hope for the best, but more likely than not, what you find underneath is probably even less appealing than the carpet you've just pulled up. And then you're stuck—or maybe not? Discover the possibilities of the plywood subfloor.