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Co-op stamps, you got these for your grocery shopping and off the milkman, great sheets of them that you had to lick and stick in books, before handing them in to collect free things from your local Co-op...usually glasses

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9 Best Places to Visit in Europe right now

Nine Europe destinations you need to visit during in winter to skip the crowds… and the places you should bump for them!

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Venice Travel Tips: 7 Things To Know

Venice Travel Tips - 7 Things To Know | Jackie Jets Off | 7 Venice travel tips you'll wish you had read before you went including where to stay, what to avoid and how to pre-book to save time.

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27 Incredible Places That You Should Visit

Zanzibar, Tanzania

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15 Easy Ways to Earn Money on the Side

Do you want to earn more money? Being better off isn’t just about saving: it’s about finding innovative, realistic and best ways to make extra money. Invest your time and effort wisely following our simple tips!


We’ve all had it. That moment when you suddenly start to doubt yourself. Can you really pull off a shoot for your first paid client? Can you be trusted to capture a wedding? What if something goes wrong? Self-doubt can be crippling. It can strike at any time, even for more established photographers who suddenly hit a rut. But it can be beaten. If you are struck with self-doubt, here’s how to get over it – and get yourself going again. #phototips #photographytips


13. My hard work paid off when I was offered an interview, and then an internship with PRC in NYC. I moved to the city for the summer and fell in love. All of my friends said I was crazy for falling in love with the city so fast. They said only crazy people could love the chaos of the city. But I saw energy and creativity all around me. I had a feeling that this would be my home one day.

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2 Things To Always Think Before Buying

Are you paying off your debt? Or are really bad at curbing your impulse spending/ If you think these 2 things before spending, you will save money, and manage your money much better. Challenge yourself! Check out the blog post.

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Britain's child slaves: They started at 4am, lived off acorns and had nails put through their ears for shoddy work. Yet, says a new book, their misery helped forge Britain

Impoverished: Children who worked were subject to appalling conditions. Many who worked died before they reached 25