Sketchbook refrence work, a page looking into botanical illustration from over the years. I have used a cross section of media including watercolour and fineliner. Using different paper to work on has also been an essential part of these pages as I have experimented on working on sugar paper, newspaper and others. Dimensions: Double page spread in A3 sketchbook.

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'Amnesia' detail - art by Lisa Kokin; this work is "Fauxliage" – fake leaves made from BOOK PAGES that have been SEWN to resemble Fall leaves; the artist chose the gingko leaf for the plant's use to improve memory and Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring as a metaphor that 'historical amnesia allows the repetition of past mistakes...'

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Black BeautyOpulent and moody, dark colour palettes in interiors are going to be big in 2016 and beyond, and this applies to tiles as well. Midnight blues, forest greens and charcoal greys are understated and easier to live with than full on black walls, plus they look a treat when combined with metallic fixtures and fittings. Add some industrial lighting and you’re channelling Shoreditch House chic – without the membership fee. #refinery29

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Winter twigs and buds - ash, alder, beech, horse chestnut, rowan, hazel, holly, dog rose, hawthorn, sycamore, blackthorn, field maple, birch, elder, oak, lime, lilac, larch, elm

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Boho Beauty style interior design

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