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I think I'll have my kids say this before they go to bed every night to encourage positive thinking

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it is a little known fact that pagans and wiccans do not believe in the devil or hell

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never has there been better quote to explain the most basic thing every witch should understand.

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As a pagan, i've found that 99% of my practices and worshiping consists of just going outside, sitting still, shutting up, and listening.

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I'm pagan. We exist everywhere. No, we don't believe in Satan, harming others or oppressing beliefs. It's not trendy or hipster. We live in harmony with nature and the universe and with respect for all living things. It's that simple.

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So True, if not in this life time then in the next or the next. (silverwitch)

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True Story ; I don't watch the news , some times background movie music gives me anxiety , i have to block negitivity from people and places ; i get drained and exausted from emotional vampires , and while healing , I block absorbing others pain. But I wouldn't have it any other way !

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