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Developed by a pediatric dentist, the Lily Method Pacifier Weaning System is designed to help your baby stop using a pacifier. Featuring 5 orthodontic-shaped pacifiers that vary slightly in size, your child should lose interest in pacifiers by Step 5.


Trying to get rid of the pacifier? Here are 10 great tips from moms on how to wean your child off the pacifier!


Toddler Approved!: Tips for Weaning Kids off their Pacifier


Bye Bye Binky- playing it daily in preparation to say bye bye bink! (for Lauren and Maddy)

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Pacifier Weaning - Tips and Tricks to Help your Child Give Up the Soother

Pacifier Weaning - Helping Your Child Give Up The Soother   Pacifier weaning is a parenting challenge that I’m often asked about.  Pacifiers (also known as soothers, Nuks paci’s and dummies, depending on your location in the world) can be a real blessing when yo

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How to Wean the Pacifier: A Timeline

How to Wean the Pacifier A Timeline


Check out Lily Pacifier Weaning System on weeSpring, where parents can get trusted advice on what they need for their family.

Love this!! We are getting rid of this pacifier SOON!


Weaning from the Pacifier without Tears (No More Binky!) weaning from the pacifier without tears