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Bits on the Butlers: Pacifier Clip Tutorial. So fast, so cute, I made a whole bunch of them.


Beaded pacifier clip tutorial... this one gives a list of items you need


I made some that are similar to these, but used lanyard clips from meetings my husband had gone to. Recycled into something useful! I also used an elastic hair band on one end of one leash for toys or a sippy cup or a pacifier


Pacifier clips are a mandatory baby item around here.  And they've also always been on the "easier to buy" list in regards to a proje...

from My Only Sunshine

DIY Pacifier Clip

Diy neutral pacifier clip. Tutorial on

DIY Dummy Clip Tutorial

from Laura Radniecki - Inspirational Blogger and MN Photographer

How to Make a Pacifier Clip - A DIY Tutorial

How to Make a Pacifier Clip | In this post, I share a fun and easy tutorial for making classy and pretty pacifier clips for your little one. Use any type of fabric you want, and coordinate them with your baby's outfits. They make great baby shower gifts too. If your little one isn't using a pacifier, you can attach a teething ring to the end as another variation. Keep those pacifiers and teethers off the floor with these cute and convenient clips!

fabric pacifier clip tutorial

fabric pacifier clip tutorial

from Viva Veltoro

DIY Colorful Binky Clips for your Baby's Pacifiers

Never drop or lose your baby's binky again! Follow our easy tutorial on how to make your own pacifier clips.

from How Does She

Pacifier Clip Tutorial - Make in 5 Minutes

Pacifier Clip Tutorial - Can't believe how easy these are to make!