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Pablo Escobar Rubber Bands

Pablo Escobar’s accountant reports $2500/month is spent on rubber bands for storing cash. #ViceClass #SinfulSundays


Rolling Stones Its Only Rock n Roll Regular Poster (01-7094)


"TIL in the 1980s, Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel was spending $2,500 a month on rubber bands just to hold all their cash."

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Pablo Escobar made so much money he spent an estimated $2,500 a month just on rubber bands to hold his money together

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La Coka Nostra - The Height Of Power

Love this story and shot by @allydondanville: "Yesterday morning on our way out for our tour we had planned for the day we stopped by the market to get some snacks and like an idiot I leave my phone on the counter when I was paying. Left the store realized 2 minutes later I didn't have it ran back to the store and of course it was already gone. At that point we were running late for the tour so decide there's nothing we can do about it. Incredibly pissed of course I just get in the van and…