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Pablo Escobar Killed

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Pablo Escobar - Biografia do narcotraficante

News From Colombia history | pablo emilio escobar gaviria colombiano conhecido no mundo todo pelo ...


Pablo Escobar, druglord, kingpin of Columbia

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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Medellin; a City Re-Invented

Two decades after Pablo Escobar was killed, Medellin is now moving on and reinventing what was known as the world’s most dangerous and murderous city.

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Ex-Pablo Escobar enforcer who killed 300 seeks new career as YouTube star

Ex-Pablo Escobar enforcer who killed 300 seeks new career as YouTube star John Jairo Velásquez, who ordered the deaths of thousands in Colombia, has upset victims’ relatives, though he says his channel aims to discourage crime

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‘Narcos’ Season 2: Executive Producer Wants to Continue Show After Pablo Escobar’s Death

“Narcos” Season 2 promises to answer the question of who exactly killed the…

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Escobar's hitman - behind 3,000 murders - doesn't feel any guilt

Personal hitman: 'Popeye' Vasquez (right) killed more than 300 people and…


‘Narcos’ Season 2, Episode 6: A New World Order

‘Narcos’ Season 2, Episode 6: A New World Order -The streets are running red with blood since the arrival of Los Pepes (a close enough acronym for “People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar”), a mysterious assassination squad that’s been making ghoulish displays out of murdered Escobar associates. When word circulates that the Castaño brothers are involved in the killings, Colonel Martínez briefs President Gaviria about the dangers of the far-right paramilitary group blasting its way through the…


‘Narcos’ Season 2, Episode 5: No Turning Back

‘Narcos’ Season 2, Episode 5: No Turning Back -There’s an absurd sequence in “The Enemies of My Enemy” that can at least be salvaged as metaphor. With Col. Horacio Carrillo, the leader of Search Bloc, out of the picture, the official operation to capture or kill Pablo Escobar has not only lost the tip of its spear, but it also barely has a stick left for poking. The D.E.A. agents continue to gather information and surveillance, but protocol keeps them chained to their desks, compiling…

from Variety Latino

‘Narcos’ Exclusive: Season Three to Focus on Cali Cartel Boss Gilberto Rodriguez-Orejuela?

Pablo Escobar is about to be hunted down and killed during the second season of…