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Turn up the dial on your Insanity workout with Insanity: The Asylum – a 30 Day Sports Training Workout DVD Program Go to to order today! #getleanin2013 #beachbody #insanitytheasylum

Do the math people. A gym membership costs you $$$ hundreds $$$ per year. Utilize a program that really works. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and I have seen results with the product. Contact me at for info on how it works!!


The best and toughest P90X video: Plyometrics! You have to really want to get through it. Once you do, it's the greatest feeling :)

The full 15 minute P90x Ab RipperX video. There's no excuse not to do it ;)


Great explanation on difference in calories burned per person and why. How To Choose The Right Exercise Program | Steve Edwards Fitness

Can I Do Additional Cardio While Doing P90x? (Video) | LIVESTRONG.COM


How to Get Fit - P90X Video with Tony Horton! -


"Icecream" made with bananas and peanut-butter... the kids would think I was the best for giving them this for breakfast!


Great workout program for beginners to start with