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Potassium Iodide is known as Potassium Salt of Hydriodic Acid [HI], available in white crystalline powder form. It is an inorganic compound and has Molecular Formula KI. Its Ionic form is K+ I-, and iodide ion being mild reducing agent, it can be easily oxidized to Iodine by powerful oxidizing agent like chlorine. With elemental iodine it forms I3 (tri iodide), the salts of tri iodide are highly water soluble. On long exposure to air Potassium Iodide becomes yellow due to liberation of…


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Hydrogen peroxide is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) as an antimicrobial agent, an oxidizing agent and for other purposes by the U.S. FDA. Use this with a little bak Ikk ng soda to remove the cement off your teeth from braces


Cl - Chlorine Atomic # 17 No this isn't the stuff that makes your whites whiter...that's clorox. Chlorine is actually a greenish yellow gas and a strong oxidizing agent. Best used with sodium to create table salt #cl #chlorine #gas #halogengas #characterdesign #periodictableofelements #myelementals #chemistry #science #greengas #watercolor #vector #illustration #design

Diaminotoluene- Oxidizing agent in permanent hair color

Due to its cryogenic nature, Liquid oxygen is known as strong oxidizing agent that means organic materials will burn fastly in liquid oxygen. It can be made easily in chemistry lab but when industries require liquid oxygen in bulky amount than Liquid Oxygen Plant is used


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