Oxidizing agent & Reducing Agent definitions

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Potassium dichromate ACS reagent, ≥99.0% _ Potassium dichromate is a red-orange colored solid. Its crystals belong to the triclinic crystal system. On heating above 600°C, it decomposes to give oxygen, potassium chromate and chromium(III) oxide. It acts as a strong oxidizing agent in acidic media. It can be synthesized by the fusion of chromium(III) oxide with potassium carbonate and nitrate or oxygen.

The chemical sign that means "Warning: Oxidizing Agent" looks like it means "Warning: Vegeta Transformation Ahead." http://ift.tt/2kvi3O5

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Students will be practicing identifying the oxidizing agent and reducing agent in a REDOX reaction by completing this practice worksheet. The worksheet contains 9 questions, some multiple choice and some fill in the blank, that cover identifying a REDOX reaction, and the oxidizing and reducing agents in a REDOX reaction. This practice worksheet can be done in class or as homework.

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Hydrogen peroxide is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) as an antimicrobial agent, an oxidizing agent and for other purposes by the U.S. FDA.

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Peter Klasen - Oxidizing agent fond bleu M64 (Paintings) h: 130 x w: 97 cm / h: 51.2 x w: 38.2 in

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