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Bushveld Minerals Vanadium Project summary of the Scoping Study - - #Bmn

Oxidation Number: rule: the sum of all oxidation numbers on neutral compounds is 0; oxidation number indicates the number of electrons lost, gained or shared as a result of chemical bonding; the change in oxidation state of a species lets you know if it has undergone oxidation or reduction; the oxidation number of an atom in the elemental state is zero

'Chameleon chemical reaction' where the various oxidation states of Manganese - in Potassium Manganate(VII) - culminate in sequence to produce several vivid colors.

OXIDATION STATES OF VANADIUM - AMMONIUM VANADATE Solution Of (NH4)VO4 Is Reduced With Zinc Amalgam. Yellow acidified solution of (NH4)VO4, has vanadium in the +5 oxidation state as VO2 +. It is reduced with zinc amalgam: (Blue) In +4 oxidation state as VO 2+; (Green) In +3 oxidation state as V 3+; (Violet) In +2 oxidation state as V 2+.

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