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'Israel' doesn't exist. Deciding One Fine Day that you'll rename the moon 'squirrel' won't in fact deem it a squirrel. Palestine forever.

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William Powell Thrith. Painter. Born Yorkshire. Moved to London in 1835. Died Carton Hill. Wikipedia gives his birth day as '19' but the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and My Yorkshire both give '9'.

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Galder, ’charm’ or ’incantation’ is Old English and relates to Old Norse galdr; from the verb galan, ’to sing’. The Oxford English Dictionary only lists two known usages of the word, one in Beowulf, the other dated c1205. In a way, knitting these socks reminded me of flowing, rhythmical chanting or weaving a spell. The cable begins to take form in the cuff, travels down the leg, finally splitting into two smaller cables that meander all the way to the heel and the toe.

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