"a program for recovery" -- there's much more detail in the book "Overcoming Depression" -- but I keep this pinned where I can see it every day.

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How To Overcome Addiction And Make Lasting Changes In Your Life - Benjamin P. Hardy

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Keep it simple!! From Alcoholics Anonymous and other "anonymous" programs. BTW, you don't have to be religious to benefit from the 12 Steps.

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Quotes on Addiction: I am not defined by my relapses, but by my decision to remain in recovery despite them. | Click this link https://recoveryexperts.com/t-rex/pita-prevention-intervention-treatment-aftercare or the image above to read our latest blog entitled 'PITA (Prevention Intervention Treatment Aftercare)'

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Recovery is not just about recovering from addiction, its about recovering from any Mental Health Experience. Recovery is hard, a mountain to climb, but in the end it is worth it. Embrace the change - Embrace Recovery

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