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Phan about to watch TFIOS... Aww. and Dan cried more than Phil... I just squeaked so hard my dog ran over to see what was wrong... Over whelmed with cuteness

from The Badass BusinessMum

4 Important Steps to Take Back Control of Your Business Today

Are you feeling over-worked and over-whelmed but you're still under-achieving? Take back control of your business, de - stress and step off the trail of entrepreneurial self destruction with these 4 important tips


Free Poker Guide for the Under-initiated and Over-whelmed [EBook]


This is a calming jar. Instead of timers for time out. Use this. Shake it up, and place it in front of your LO. Explain to them that when it's all shook up, that's how their mind is when they are angry/frustrated/over-whelmed. That sitting there watching all the glitter fall to the bottom will help them calm down, and when they calmed down they can see clearly again.


I have TWENTY codes for My ChillApp Plan - an app designed by Matlec Apps to assist the user to calm down, chill out or feel safe before getting over whelmed by a strong feeling. Although not specifically designed for children with special needs I think this app would be...

Have you realized how busy you are? Here a few signs to tell you whether you're busy or over whelmed. #Tulsa #MaidProTulsa #Busy #TooBusy


When I came across this wonderful video tutorial I was over whelmed at this Rainbow shard chocolate cake recipe as the end results are amazing... so pretty

from A Cup of Jo

Motherhood Mondays: On Having a Boy

you're a good mom. Seriously I need to tell myself this sometimes when I'm over whelmed & sad


I'm over whelmed today. Over whelmed with gratitude that is. Why? Because my inbox was FULL and I mean like FULL yesterday with incredible messages from people who are excited to take the leap and find their freedom! I'm over whelmed at how grateful I am for having such an incredible job where I can work from anywhere sharing a healthy and fit lifestyle and helping others build their own successful businesses. I'm over whelmed at how excited I am for what the future holds!! Heading…