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sometimes it so hard to live in the moment because you're worried about the past or the future that you can't control and you end up wasting your time. so let go of your worries & anxieties & LIVE IN THE MOMENT!!!✨✨


Bruce lee outer space galaxies quotes motivation wallpaper

Outer space is no place for a person of breeding. (Lady Violet Bonham Carter) #quotes #quote #quotations #LadyVioletBonhamCarter

"Just be silent, utterly silent. Let peace descend over you and the revelation of the mysterious truth of existence is yours." ~Osho ..*


Hit plus and Share, everybody loves the wicked timey wimey stuff. It's because of the ding device and the amount of stuff. Remember? "It goes ding when there's stuff!" ? It doesn't make sense but makes every #Whovian grins isn't that wizard? #doctorwho #thedoctor Very big poster 2560x1600


But how can I explain them that I don’t want to be a stargazer, but a galaxy; not a poet, but a poem - you can’t (via thragedy)


"You gotta go inward To experience the outer space That was built for you You gotta go inward." - Pharrell Williams - Freq (feat. Jojo, Leah Labelle) | Hidden track from GIRL #Quote #Meditation #Happy

Motivation Mondays: DISCOVERY - Our planet Earth, Mars, Expedition ship Discovery, Hubble Outer space, dreams and beyond | MirthAndMotivation #motivation #quotes #discovery

"WORD FILLERS" by dreams-take-place-in-outer-space ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring fillers, text, quotes, words, text fillers, phrase, saying, transparent, & - fillers - texts and essentials