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Make this fun Hoopla game using cardboard tubes and paper plates. So much fun for kids to make and then to play. The perfect summer boredom buster.

from The Educators' Spin On It

6 Ball Games Your Kids Will Love to Play

6 Ball Games Your Kids Will Love to Play. Let's get the kids outside moving and having fun this spring with this fun games with ball.

from One Little Project

How to Make Bubble Snakes

These bubble snakes are an EASY activity for kids! All you need is an empty water bottle and one mismatched sock!

from Coupon Closet

20 Forgotten Summer Games for Kids

We have listed 20 forgotten summer games for kids. Some are fun outdoor games for kids while others are indoor games for kids for those rainy days.


10 DIY Lawn Games to Bring the Amusement Park Home

Tigers & Bobcat- make hopscotch-style game, one stop is to recite Cub Scout motto, another Law of the Pack, end is Cub Scout promise- in addition to clapping, spinning, other fun stuff.