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And meanwhile only the innocent partners are hurt. Yes I have been hurt, but that is nothing compared to what I have done to my husband. For that alone he deserves someone better.


She never had to fight or my love she always had it she never had to worry about me cheating on her no other woman could compare to how she made me feel she never had to fight for me ever but in the end why did i follow my heart because now that she left she took my heart with her all i want is to have it back aka mind of joseph


Nothing is sexier than a Man who can face temptation and have the level of maturity to say this isn't worth losing what I have…… And a Man who can politely & confidently disappoint other women by informing them "I'm sorry. I'm in a committed relationship. AND I LOVE HER SO MUCH."


What kind of a mother teaches her daughter or son that it is ok to be the other ... or the cheater and be proud of it with showing it off ?????? Shame on you all.


It is a travesty when two hearts, at different intervals in life, find each other. And although they would otherwise be perfect for each other, they cant be together, for the timing isn't right.


I do not want to be your backup plan. I should be your priority. Your wife & child should always be first. And if you decide maybe you messed up someday, you will be too late. I have to move on.