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Can I have this shelf??? There are all Death Note Mangas in it!!! And a Hatsune Miku Figure!!! (I would like a Len or Gakupo Figure but WHO CARES!?!? I WANT IT!!!)

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I don't know, who this guy is, but if one of his friends, relatives or anyone close to him reads this: Give him a handsake/ hug and tell him, that he made someone really happy, and he earned my respect.

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Instead of American stuff, I would make it full of anime figures and plushies on the shelves and a printed picture framed of my favorite Vocaloid/anime songs

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14 Anime Rooms That Just Might Be Heaven

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otaku problems. .__.

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How to Brighten a Drab Dorm Room

Those walls and ceiling are way too busy but I love the lights with the pictures hanging from them with clothespins. Definitely doing this!!

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♡ OTAKU PRIDE ♡ decorating in nerdy anime style~ computer desk - laptop - bishoujo boob mousepad - Rilakkuma plush toys- keychains - anime posters - K-On! - anime merchandise - cork board - cute - colorful - geek decorating - kawaii

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14 Anime Rooms That Just Might Be Heaven

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