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| Big Eye Tuna Tartar • Avocado • Osetra Caviar At L2O In Chicago | By @qliweb

from Global Seafoods North America

Oscietra Caviar Platinum Grade - 4oz (0.25 lbs)

Oscietra Caviar Platinum Grade - 4oz $210 This sturgeon comes originally from the Caspian Sea. It is considered to be one of the true caviars of the world! Also known as Oscietra Caviar, it is one of the finest caviars in the world. Very delicate and smooth, it will be the best accompaniment to any glass of fine champagne that you can find. It is truly black gold! This specific Russian Sturgeon Caviar comes from a farm in Italy. The producers have studied caviar arts for many decades.

[ Caviar-Wagyu ] - Nebraska wagyu beef, langoustine and Osetra caviar tartare, black pepper-vodka creme fraiche, pomme gaufrette. ✅ By - @lebernardinny ✅ #ChefsOfInstagram 🚨 🚨

Imperial Osetra Caviar from @CaviarCentre! I had to try this on its own to fully…