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Elizabeth Maria Tallchief (born January 24, 1925) was the first Native American to become prima ballerina. From 1942 to 1947 she danced with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, but she is even better known for her time with the New York City Ballet, from its founding in 1947 through 1965. Known professionally as Maria Tallchief, her family called her Betty Marie.


Maria Tallchief - Born in 1925 to an Osage Nation chief and a Scots-Irish mother. She later became the first Native American prima ballerina, dancing in the New York City Ballet for years. RIP


Map featuring traditional Osage lands by the late 17th century in the states of northwest Arkansas, southeast Kansas, southwest Missouri, and northeast Oklahoma. The missionary Isaac McCoy described the Osage as "uncommonly fierce, courageous, warlike nation" and Washington Irving said they were the "finest looking Indians I have ever seen in the West."

Maria Tallchief- First Native American Woman to become a Prima Ballerina


An American Indian called Hard Heart of the Osage Nation 1894.


Black Dog, An American Indian of the Osage Nation 1876.


Generous, An American Indian of the Osage Nation 1913.