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Orion- Greek myth: a great huntsman that fell in love with Artemis, the hunter goddess. She accidentally killed him while he was swimming in the ocean because someone challenged her to hit the moving target out in the water, which was Orion. Zeus took pity and made him into a constellation.


✨Sirius✨The ancient Egyptians saw Sirius as a giver of life for it always reappeared at the time of the annual flooding of the Nile. When the star sank in the west and disappeared from the night sky, it remained hidden for 70 days before emerging in the east at morning. This was viewed as representing the cycle of death and rebirth.


One of my personal favorite constellations because, it has a good example of 2 of the stars people don't notice. Betelgeuse (everyone knows what it is but people don't notice that it's red) left shoulder and Rigel (Rigel is blue) bottom right corner

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15 Constellations Every Man Should Know (And How to Find Them)

My favorite thing to do is walk to the beach at night, lay back on the rocks and watch the stars. Sometimes shooting. Sometimes just still. There is nothing more awe inspiring. Nothing else brings me the pleasure of pure calm and delight.