Espalier it’s a system of growing dwarf fruit trees on espaliers where they are grown in an intensive way and can be easily covered by netting when needed. It’s not an original system, in fact, in Europe because shortage of suitable land and it’s high cost many, or most orchards are now being grown in this manner.

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13 apple growing secrets from the pro's. These guys know how to get maximum production and bigger better apples. Here are their secrets

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ofmessandglory: “ countrynest: “ Old orchard and a hammock… I can see myself there! ” Love it! ”

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.....And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow, Dropping from the veils of the morning to where the cricket sings; There midnight's all a-glimmer, and noon a purple glow, And evening full of the linnet's wings...... W.B. Yeats

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larger but running between the veg area to the cider press and for a wind buffer along with smaller espalier pear to the SW.

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So reminds me of the farm. You turn a corner and there's this; as though some gardener had left it there a century ago.

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No, don't! At a certain level of accessibility.. any device is evident, if you have key elements. This isn't the middle of nowhere! Taste the rainbow...

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