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the wedding of Princess Mary Henrietta Stuart, the eldest daughter of Charles I and William of Orange which took place in the Chapel Royal at Whitehall on Sunday 2nd of May back in 1641.


Mary II 1662-1694, Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1689-1694) in her own right. She was the daughter of King James II & VII of England, Scots, and Ireland and his 1st wife, Anne Hyde. She was Sovereign Princess of Orange (1677-1694) as the wife of Willem III, Sovereign Prince of Orange. Her husband became her co-monarch as King William III & II.

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Ukrainians besiege 'pro-Russian' Inter TV building

Protesters in Ukraine are blockading the studios of Inter TV, a news channel already attacked by arsonists for being allegedly pro-Russian.

Suffrage poster from 1911 by B.M. Boye - pinterest board/ I like the line drawings, and i love the font.


Mary II - The daughter of James II, she married her cousin, William, Prince of Orange, and acted as his consort in the Netherlands. Unlike James II, she and her husband were Protestants and popular in England. They invaded, and seized the throne. Mary reigned alongside her husband from 13 February 1689 until her death in 1694.

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The Death of James II of England: The Last English and Scottish Catholic Monarch

On September 16, 1701, King James I of England died. He was also King James VII of Scotland and part of the Stuart dynasty. However, his reign had actually come to an end in 1688 when England refused to be ruled by a Catholic monarch, especially after the birth of his Catholic son, James. He was succeeded by his elder daughter and her husband, Mary II of England and William III of Orange.