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Ophiuchus Constellation

Zeta Ophiuchus is a star about 20 times more massive than Earth's sun. It is traveling at about 15 mi/second, producing a bow shockwave in front of it. It is about 460 light years away. Visit our Website for more Info and Pictures

The Antares region, Antares and Rho Ophiuchi


Rho Ophiuchus Nebula Complex This amazing complex of nebulosity revealed on long exposure color photographs is one of the most beautiful areas of the entire night sky. It contains dark nebulae where lanes of obscuring dust hide background stars, blue reflection nebulae where the dust is illuminated by nearby stars and red emission nebulae where the hot hydrogen gas itself is glowing.


Messier 107 (M107) is a globular cluster located in the constellation Ophiuchus. It lies at a distance of 20,900 light years from Earth.


The 13th Zodiac Constellation, Ophiuchus

I learned something cool on the @curiositydotcom app: The 13th Zodiac Constellation, Ophiuchus

from Mark Lerner

Why the Constellation of Ophiuchus was Not Included in the Zodiac