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After an 8 hour case and all counts are correct... Operating room people know miracles happen surgical techs, circulators, first assist

Operating Room Nurse Interview Questions

When interviewing for a nursing position in the operating room, it’s important to demonstrate that you’re competent, professional and committed to your career as an OR nurse. Interviewers ...

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shoelace87: intrainingdoc: Learn your surgical terms! This is a lifesaver for students in the operating room. Just a cutesy lil FYI This is so helpful. Especially when you’re reading a patients medical history, doctors progress notes, nursing notes, nursing exams, nclex, etc.

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You Know You're An Operating Room Nurse If...

Operating Room nursing is a very special calling. Not everyone is cut out for it and most will not put up with it. However, there is much fun to be had if you make it through the first year! OR nursing requires stamina and thinking on your feet. ...

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You can succeed on the CNOR test and become a operating room nurse by learning critical concepts on the test so that you are prepared for as many questions as possible.

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