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In my many travels around the operating room, different facilities have their little own specific quirks and preferences. However, I in my experience noticed that some things pretty much are the same. Therefore, I have compiled this list (albeit not exhaustive) that sums up the common OR-isms that we all tend to share: 1)You have a lifetime supply of … Continue reading You Know You Work In Surgery When… →

Operating room: Yes, I have pulled up a surgeon's scrub pants before when his draw string untied. When you are sterile/scrubbed, you cannot pull them up yourself!

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Photograph - Vintage Image. Operating Room, Washington Asylum, 1915. See:

You Know You're An Operating Room Nurse If...

Operating Room nursing is a very special calling. Not everyone is cut out for it and most will not put up with it. However, there is much fun to be had if you make it through the first year! OR nursing requires stamina and thinking on your feet. ...

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