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#OpenSource #OpenBusiness - Infographic on International Open source Standards & Stats

Origami Textiles with structural 3D folds; fabric manipulation; constructed textile design // Rachel Philpott

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Basinger Top

The Basinger Top

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77 Gorgeous Examples of Scandinavian Interior Design

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This is a great Open Source Project. You get the floor plans and the design of a full off grid system, where you can grow food and raise fish with aquaponics.Is the first project to be designed and documented by 'Alightmouse: Open Source Projects', this release contains a set of construction documents for a 10 Square metre Geodesic Dome Greenhouse. This 10.6mb ZIP file package includes construction plans, a recommendation guide and a preliminary materials schedule. All 100% free.Dowload…

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This enchanting fairytale cottage is simply delightful

Front garden and sun room are highlights of this enchanting fairytale cottage in Cornwall

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Open-plan kitchen design ideas

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You can't build roads without concrete and we love all things concrete at

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“Tom and the Ginger” - Digital Oil Painting “Have you got a kiss for me, my darling?” Tom was being his sweet self, as usual, but the kitten had other ideas. Source: licieoic.tumblr

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Tesla is a company that is known for open sourcing their patents. It is because of this that people around the world have begun to adopt the advanced technology and replicate it.Youtube user, JehuGarcia put together a video on how to construct your own Powerwall, the home battery that Tesla developed to run your place off of solar 24/7.The batteries are selling for $3,000-$3,500 from Tesla, but the entire production line is sold out for 2016 so if you really want to get your hands on a…

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