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The Hidden River of Money That Keeps Your World Afloat

Money Market Instruments: Money market instruments allow businesses quick access to large amounts of cash.

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How to become professional traders

To get started in professional trading, it is essential to learn everything that you can about domestic and global economics, history and the function of different securities markets. You should also take some time in knowing about Federal Reserve monetary policy, the market and business cycles, open market operations, corporate finance and securities analysis.

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China Just Juiced Its Banking System With A Record Amount Of Cash

9-27-12 PBOC injects record amount of liquidity.(September 27th 2012)

We’ve collated our favourite open-air bars in New York City, from the unique, to the classy

We’ve collated our favourite open-air bars in New York City, from the unique, to the classy


Open Market Operations and Financial Mar ( Routledge International Studies in Money and Banking)

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The Best Flea Markets

Alice's antique emporium, Portobello Market, London


When the BOE tried to purchase another £1.17 billion in bonds, with a maturity longer than 15 years, something stunning happened: an unexpected failure which has rarely if ever happened in central bank history: only £1.118 billion worth of sellers showed up, meaning that the BOE's second open market operation was uncovered by a ratio of 0.96. Simply stated, the Bank of England encountered an offerless market. Some £52 million worth of bond sellers simply refused to sell to the BOE at any…

Known as Indian Warren Buffett and Ace investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has picked up 1.05 per cent shares of Jet Airways for Rs. 50.52 crore through open market operations...

Role of Central Bank Operation in Money Market -

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