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Rare Large Crystal Opal Mintabie, South Australia, Australia The opal deposits of Mintabie have long been depleted with no new production emerging. The present example was set aside many years ago by the miner who could not bear to part with it earlier. Simply contour polished to reveal its beauty, a vibrant electric green blue pinpoint play-of-color are seen to dance across the surface. Such a notable piece would, no doubt, create a fine pendant.


Exceptionally Fine and Large Boulder Opal Queensland, Australia This is an extraordinary boulder opal both in terms of its size but also due to the vividness and strength of its color. Contour polished to reveal the gem-quality blue and green seam of opalization upon its rich brown ironstone matrix. This is a large, yet wearable opal sure to make a "statement piece" pendant; and a durable one at that, due to the stability provided by the ironstone matrix.


Very Fine Black Opal from Lightning Ridge, Australia. Vivid and very "present", this fine gem opal displays predominantly red play-of-color with spectral broad flashes of green, orange, yellow and blue, with true black potch to the reverse of the oval cabochon. This is as fine a stone for the serious collector as can be desired. Weighing approximately 10.39 carats and measuring 16.5 x 13.0 x 6.5mm Estimate: US$ 60,000 - 80,000 (£39,000 - 52,000/€46,000 - 62,000)


Black Oval Cabochon Opal Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia Even within the category of black opals, some are more sought-after than others. The present stone is such a piece—surpassed by few other opals in terms of its vibrancy of color—a true 5/5 for vividness and presence of color. Distinctive also is its "flagstone" pattern play-of-color: dominated by broad patches of electric blue, purple, green and orange at the edges and centering on a "windmill" pattern of fiery red…


Unique/ Classic Black Opal Lightning Ridge, Australia This unique and unusual cabochon of true black opal has been fashioned by the gem cutter in a lozenge-shaped outline. The body color is a true black, w/vibrant & vivid play-of-color in blues & greens, characteristic for the region


VERY BRIGHT OPAL FROM LIGHTNING RIDGE AUSTRALIA - 3.40 CT - GEM GRADE ❦ CRYSTALS ❦ semi precious stones ❦ Kristall ❦ Minerals ❦ Cristales ❦