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A well insulated chicken coop in Eastern Ontario, Canada with summer temperatures here vary between 75˚F and 90˚F and the winter temperatures at night time are between 0˚F and -30˚F. Because of this, we felt that having a well insulated coop was very important. Here is a picture of the almost completed coop. The electrical has yet to be completed in this picture and the pulley system for the pop hole has yet to be installed on the exterior.

The Spring weather is FINALLY arriving here in Ontario and with the warmer temperatures comes the blonder highlights... It's just the way it is, when summer is


Hog's Back Falls - Hog's Back Falls at sunrise on an icy cold morning in winter (temperature was -40C!). Photo was taken in Ottawa, Ontario.

Extraordinary images show 'light pillars' dancing above houses

Timothy Elzinga in Ontario, also captured several images of light pillars where temperatures had plunged to -18C

Bacon, Egg and Hash Brown Cups - Foodland: Ontario

12/24/2016 - Nearly a dozen weather records could be broken on Boxing Day: Environment Canada - records from as early as the 1800s could be broken as a system of low pressure brings high temperatures to Southern Ontario

We'll be heading to Muskoka tomorrow with Travelling Chicken - Ontario Trips and Activities and just look at the temperatures Mother Nature has in store for us! Stay warm this weekend everyone :)

These Photos of Frozen Waves Make Winter Seem More Real Than Ever

A partially frozen American Falls in sub freezing temperatures is seen in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, Feb. 17, 2015.

At Pizza On Earth all of our pizzas are cooked in a traditional brick oven. By maintaining a large flame and bed of coals the dome-shaped oven heats to temperatures in excess of 700 degrees...