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Back to school. The first day of school is always a big transition. Make it memorable with a darling snapshot of your child and their grade, date and career goals!


Spitalfields Nippers - Taken by Horace Warner in 1912 in Spitalfields England, these images of poverty stricken children show the horrible existences they had to endure just to survive.


Black Jack & Fruit Salads ---loved the way the black jacks turned your mouth black. In 1979, I had to chew these when I was pregnant to take away the constant unpleasant taste in my mouth that was made by the high dose of iron tablets. They were the only things that would mask it! (JT)


Enjoy the snowy winter wonderland while it lasts: After temperatures plunged to MINUS 18C - get ready for the half term thaw

Winter's gift of a frozen ice cream. Back in the 1970s the winters were cold and it often snowed. I also recall snapping icicles off the bathroom window sill and sucking them like an ice pop too.