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Shaving Foam Ideas for Kids to Play, Learn and Create

Best Toys 4 Toddlers - 33 ideas to play, learn and create with inexpensive material - shaving foam! Perfect for kids who love messy play!


Silent Classroom Fidgits Monkey Fidget Exerciser - This has been the best fit for our 4th grader.


DIY Sensory Blocks How To

DIY Sensory Blocks - a wonderful sensory toy for your little one, but wouldn't they be GREAT in speech therapy? Close your eyes, touch, now describe how it feels. Use your best vocabulary words for describing!


Under the umbrella sensory play

Umbrella sensory experience. Create a place where the pupil can lay underneath an umbrella and watch the objects above the. You will need an umbrella and lots of objects to hang inside - choose objects that you know that the child will want to look at.


Little People toys from Fisher Price never fail to captivate little ones hearts and imaginations. Little People toys and playsets inhabit a sweet world filled with wonderful adventures and great friends to make along the way!


Fabric marble maze - level 2 - fidget toy - fine motor skills - quiet time game - self regulation tool - autism - Alzheimer's - dementia

This fabric marble maze game is a quiet tool that will help calm a sensory seeking child or behavioral child that needs self-regulation.


Molly’s Favourite Things by Molly Meg

Molly Meg Price brings together contemporary and vintage design for children. In her pop-up stores and online, she creates fun and beautiful spaces for kids (and their design-conscious parents). Reflecting the fashion for retro designs, and looking internationally, Molly brings together many different contemporary designers working at different scales in different styles. In Molly’s Dream […]