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Online Election Card

Tech really wants to fix this election With just 42 days left until the election its crunch time for anyone who hasntregistered to vote. The deadlines to register in most states fall throughout October with only a few states allowing in-person registration on the day of the election. The process can be confusing and its one that tech companies from Google all the way down to small startups like Sam Altmans VotePlz which launched a million dollar registration sweepstakes today are trying to…

We spent the week learning about the voting process and differentiating facts from opinions. This hands on lesson helped the students forms their own opinions on who they think should be the next president.Read the following books to the students (If you don't have access to them all their are many online copies on youtube):-Duck for President-Grace for President-My Teacher for PresidentThen, have the students create their own voting registration card and form opinions on who they think…

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guide to the 2016 presidential candidates

Engadget's guide to the 2016 presidential candidates -

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Aug 20 U.S. Navy Sailor Who Took Pic of Classified Submarine Just Got BAD News… Hillary’s Laughing