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Oni Teen Wolf

from Observation Deck

Teen Wolf Finale anyone?

A divine move? You think you have any moves at all? You may have killed the oni, but not me. You can't kill me, I'M A THOUSAND YEARS OLD, YOU CAN'T KILL ME!


I cant go to sleep. Man that dude annoyed me! And scared me haha


3.23 Insatiable- Goodbye Allison Argent. Though I wish her last few words weren't focused on how she loved Scott still. That arc was finished awhile ago, why bring it back up? She should've asked more about her dad, or about Lydia or Isaac. They should've focused on the Oni that she killed, because she just saved someone who couldn't save themselves, and that's the Argent motto.


I just find it so sad that the nogitsune knows them all so well that he can manipulate them into protecting it because it is in Stiles's body and also really sweet because they just all switch from threatening him to protecting him in the space of a second because they care so much about him.

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