Cultivate gratitude, humility, hospitality, generosity, joy, serenity, contentment, faith, kindness, forgiveness, & creativity.

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J Iron Word on Instagram: “One of my favorite pieces from @highpoetssociety if you don't follow him check him out. @highpoetssociety @highpoetssociety @highpoetssociety”

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Rumi's "the guest house"- a good reminder to be mindful of emotions and how emotions are temporary

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Inspirational Quotes: you are always one decision away from a totally different life what a fantastic thought

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Jajaja, I believe but don't yet know that this can be so true when in love. Two loving souls next to one another. Just a hug and a touch will say it all. Words can be unnecessary. At least this is my thought and hope... one day...

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