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One Step Equations Doodle Notes

One Step Equation Scavenger Hunt **QR Codes Optional!** from 4 The Love of Math on - (10 pages) - Scavenger Hunt (QR Codes optional) on solving 1-step equations

One Step Equations Trashketball Math Game

One Step Equations Trashketball involves students solving one-step equations (no integer calculations involved) and shooting baskets. There are 5 rounds in this game with 5 questions in Rounds 1-4 and 10 questions in Round 5. $ gr 5-8

Equation Algebra Sort! My 6th grade students really loved sorting these equations based on their solutions and then unscrambling the funny words and phrases on the back! Equations include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and two-step equations.

One-Step Equations Quiz Quiz Trade Game from EduGuru on - (12 pages) - One-Step Equations Quiz Quiz Trade Game supports students to share their knowledge and understanding and at the same time allow the opportunity for the teacher to assess student progress!