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My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands by Chelsea Handler, easily her funniest book!

One night stand sleepwear | General Pants Online

#ComedicRelief: I will canonize the #awesome and #sparkle one as St. Meg** (anonymity of her powerful act), the patron saint of dating ... it is acceptable to live in one man's house, have a one-night stand with another, move forward to date another, all to eventually fall back on option two.

night stand with book rest <<< haha!


A look back at ECW One Night Stand #wrestling


Shahla Khan - "Hooking up with people who do not care about your happiness or you; is a serious...". love-quotes, love-hurts, relationship-advice, relationship-problems, relationships-advice, hook-up, one-night-stands

POST Not a head stands out A finger rises Then it is the voice that one knows A signal a brief note A man leaves Up above a cloud that passes by No one goes in And the night keeps its secret...Pierre Reverdy

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Why I Won't Be Your Next One Night Stand

Before you let a few nice words fool you, remember this: you are more than a one night stand. You are more than a booty call or a late night “chill”. You are so much more than a cheap thrill or a story a guy tells to all of his friends. Don’t ever believe otherwise.

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Quincy, IL

beating both ex-boyfriends to the rushing game: ex #1 (nate) got married in May 2013 and ex #2 (matt) will get married in August 2015 - woo hoo: #awesome and #sparkling for overlapping dating - living in one matt's house, while having a one-night stand with chase, then moving on to aaron, to eventually fall back on option two (chase) - WOO HOO! #sameplayingrules #equalopporunity


"if i could unmeet some people (i.e. narcissists who live in one man's house, have a one-night stand with another, moves forward to date a third, all to fall back on option two) ... i would"