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One By Metallica

Jassy J: METALLICA - Hardwired Metallica - Hardwired - Album: Hardwired... To Self-Destruct (2016) guitar cover with solo by Jassy J =) ENG: This one is sooo amazing! So I had to make a guitar cover for HARDWIRED! Totally looking forward to their new album!!!! How do you like the song? ;) Learnt that one by ear so it's not a note to note cover. Hope you enjoy! \m/ PLEASE NOTE: I lowered the backingtrack's volume so that you can hear clearly what I play. For the guitar solo I lowered the…

"When it becomes my turn do you want me to go?" -

Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead-for never selling out, he's respected by every rock&roll band there is! Motörhead still tour, their way, their music, their style and no one will change that as long as Lemmy's around and for a guy who literally drinks pints of Jack Daniels, I'm pretty sure he'll last a few more years :)


When you say "band" do you by any chance mean "band of adorable, tap-dancing, banner-carrying, day-seizing newsboys"? Because then this is accurate for me.