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Omega Engineering

A girl once told me that if she ever caught me looking at another woman in the way that I look at aircraft, she'd leave me. Wow!

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Engineering depth gives Brett Landscaping the edge in Hull housing project

Brett has supplied permeable Omega Flow paving in two variants. The central paving areas have been supplied in 80mm Brindle blocks, while borders are specified in 60mm Charcoal. This design ensures that surface water run-off is directed towards the paving that offers greater permeability, as well as providing visual contrast to enhance the overall aesthetics of the development.

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How To Spot A Fake Designer Watch

Diagnosing A Fake Designer Watch. #oldchimes #jamantik #infographic


"I subdue matter and force it to become my mind's good medium. I rejoice in plants, in animals, in man and in gods, as though they were my children. I feel all the universe nestling about me and following me as though it were my own body." ~Nikos Kazantzakis | Ascension (Art: kopera) ..*


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