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from my blue flamingo

Swimmers in repeat and a tent for them to change!

This time I have some extremely summery patterns for you! Swimmers everywhere! With their bathing suits, their summer hats and their sea glasses. And of course they need a place to change so we have the tents too!

from the Guardian

Olympics 2012 in infographics: water sports


London 2012 Olympics: synchronised swimming guide

The sport demands great core strength and endurance as well as grace, artistry and flexibility. It also requires remarkable breath control and lung capacity, with swimmers remaining underwater for up to 60 seconds at a time.

from Mail Online

Flying with water wings: The beauty and stunning acrobatics of synchronised swimmers as they battle it out for Olympic gold

Double crab: Spain's team compete in the team free routine final during the synchronised swimming competition


I'm sad I can't swim anymore:( I'll miss the freedom, the feeling of the water, and my teammates:( I LUV U GUYS!! Will carry on swimming in my gym thoooo:)

from Mail Online

Incredible photos of Olympic swimmers at the peak of their fitness

Australian synchronised swimmers wave their feat in the air as they practice their routine at the Maria Lenk Aquatic Centre. The discipline has been part of the Olympics since Los Angeles in 1984