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Which Olympic sport is the hardest? Fourth-Place Medal ranks all 32

Fourth-Place Medal lists Equestrian as the most challenging Olympic sport...not surprising :)


Top 28 des affiches pour les Jeux Olympiques d’été « modernes »


The Olympic Sport That Burns the Most Calories


9 peculiar Summer Olympic sports that have been discontinued

Many discontinued Summer Olympic sports and disciplines fall into the “odd” and/or “obscure” category. Here’s a look at nine of them, listed alongside


Should Yoga Be an Olympic Sport?

On Monday, a California judge ruled that yoga poses like downward dog are not religious in nature and do not violate the establishment clause of the First Amendment, which prohibits any law that would establish one religion over another.

Running, boxing, surfing—this high-tech tight is tough enough for any workout, anywhere. | Knockout by Victoria’s Secret Tight